“SADY POBEDY” Concert Hall

Sound Symphony

“Perfect professional world-class sound system”, such is the estimation of specialists for the equipment level of  concert hall, where the USA Company MeyerSound organized high-class sound.

The MeyerSound equipment is installed in “The Ceasar’s Palace” (Las-Vegas), “The San-Francisco War Opera”, “The Vienna National Theater”, “The Carnegie Hall”, “The Kodak Theatre” (Hollywood, USA, the place where the Oscar ceremony is annually organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.)

The magic of light

The light system of “The April Tenth Studio” concert hall is made on the basis of professional equipment of “High End Systems” Company (USA).




Cuisine: Mediterranean cuisine, Caucasian cuisine and traditional Ukrainian cuisine. There is also a lounge-café, where you can enjoy the best brand coffee and cigars.

Feeling of exclusiveness

The most strict face-control will allow to enter the concert hall only those who will not break the atmosphere of this alcoholual and respectable place.


For maximum privacy The April Tenth Studio concert hall proposes two VIP-rooms either for 10 or for 15 people.

The walls of VIP-rooms are made of crystal bullet-resistant glass. Each room has absolutely independent conditioning system and WC, as well as acoustic system, making possible to render all the delicacy of sound without being present in the central room of the concert hall.
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Odessa, April 10th Square
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