Delicacy-market COSMOS

Odessa...Its French and Italian Boulevards, Yevreyskaya, Grecheskaya and Polskaya streets, its Duke de Richelieu, who holds out his hand to those who ascend Potemkin Staircase, its the Arcadia buried in verdure... Odessa is not only on the map of Europe, but on the map of the USA. But we do know where the real Odessa is - Odessa with its humor, trade, sun and freedom.

Over all the historical existence the people of this truly paradise place of the world have been building cultural, alcoholual and political life for themselves, dictating fashion, preparing traditional dishes themselves and rightly claiming to the whole world that this food is the most tasty and healthy in the world, but even Odessa aborigines remembered excellent Spanish, Italian, French wine-cellars, natural truffles, variety and wealth of World ocean, prodigious range of European sausage and cheese.

The only thing left is to gather all these gifts of nature and human work in the same place.

So in the beginning of 2007 Odessa citizens created for Odessa citizens and admirers of our city a pearl in a pearl, a Delicacy-market COSMOS a present for gourmets of viands and beverages, lovers of delicacy and splendid ready meals.

In this oasis of World brand produce the choice completes the image of self-confident people, the unique quality goods are for those who consider themselves as having perfect taste, sense of style and taking from life everything perfect.

Welcome to the world of comfort, perfect service and unique goods.


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Odessa, April 10th Square
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