“NASH KHLEB” (our bread)
in the delicacy-market “Cosmos”

The bakery, situated in the delicacy market “Cosmos” is provided with the newest highly efficient French equipment.

The bakery is specially constructed
to let the clients see the baking process themselves.

All the food is produced from natural selected raw products of high quality without any synthetic additive.

The choice of of “NASH KHLEB” bakery products is great: these are poppy-seed bagels, crescent rolls, buns, rolls with poppy-seeds, cinnamon, patties with different fillings, French bread, Chernomorkiy brand crescents...
Italian “Ciabatta” and “Focacia” breads are developed and introduced into production.
Our favorite “obedenniy” bread is of special demand. Also the bakery produces rye breads by Old Russian and French recipes of the XIX-th century –“Borodinskiy”, Riga bread with thyme, French rye bread.
 The newest product of TM “NASH KHLEB”is dietary bread, baked from durum wheat.

Durum wheat is considered to be the most valuable.
The main value consists in fact that products made from durum wheat flour are easily digestible without slagging the organism.

Both traditional, well-approved recipes and the newest recipes, which are exclusively developed by experienced specialists of TM “NASH KHLEB», are used in baking process.Try real bread – the bread of “NASH KHLEB” trademark! 



Without pane di Montegemoli it is impossible to imagine the so-called antipasto toscano (Tuscan snack), consisting of smoked ham, salami and fettunta bread (roasted bread with garlic and olive oil). Creators of the recipe of pane di Montegemoli are proud of the fact, that their young culinary brainchild so smoothly joined the Toscana’s menu. They explain this success by creation of a product, meeting requirements of a modern Italian (middle of 1980) instead of delving in old recipes. 

Tuscan cuisine, which differs by richness of tastes just needed unleavened bread, which brought calm colours into this bright culinary palette.

The process of cooking of this bread is strictly regulated. First of all, the base for dough should consist of the flour of durum sorts of wheat
Time of baking is about an hour and the temperature decreases to 180 C. As a reward for patience there is flavoured bread with crisp.

However, these are not all trials.  The most difficult is to let the baked bread stand round the clock and only then, dipping a piece of bread in olive oil, to enjoy its taste. Tuscans believe that exactly the next day bread becomes ideal. Italians even have a proverb, which states:

“Bread needs a day, olive oil – a month, and wine – a year”

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