High-class beverages

“Good wine is an exhilarating and beneficial drink.
When wisely used, it is the most hygienic and refreshing reviver”
Luis Pasteur ŐIŐ c.

Fascinating, mysterious and magnetic world of Bacchus. At the earliest stage of its development the humankind learnt how to produce and how to take alcoholic beverages. In different languages and different nations the name for alcohol is “the water of life”. In our department we represent the whole range of alcoholic beverages, which are officially allowed for sale in our country.


To know about wines, their amazing merits, the variety of brands you must drink them.

However, until recently, only a small number of people could become connoisseurs of high-class foreign wines. Today a big number of French, German, Italian, Chilean, American, seldom Spanish, Australian and other countries’ wine brands are sold in our store.


Brandy - the child of wine is also worth attention. First of all these are cognacs. Samples of the best cognac houses can be seen on the shelves of the store. Cognac house “Ardi” is worth special attention. For already more than hundred years the cellars of an old mansion in the center of province Cognac have been keeping a wonderful beverage. Its blend consists of the best alcohols, received before the invasion of phylloxera, which destroyed almost all of the vineyards in 1862-1864. It means that the beverage is unique, for it was produced from the sorts of grape, which do not exist nowadays. It has the right to be called “Perfection”. In our store you can see the third and the latest series, called “Air”, consisting of three hundred bottles.

Frapin – one of the oldest families of Charente the first mansion about which goes back to 1270. Until now the mansion preserves family character, the head is Frapins direct offspring – charming Beatrice Cointreau.

Cognac is a historic beverage: it attracts and concentrates information. It involves you into “THE History” with the capital letter. The cognac “Frapin 1888” is another proof of this statement. It was created to remind about two great persons: Pierre Frapin and Alexander Gustave Eiffel, who were good friends. The form of the carafe for cognac resembles the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. Assembling of the oldest alcohols includes the pre-phylloxera period.


Whiskey can be regarded as another great representative of “water of life”: there exist Scottish, Irish, American, Canadian, and even Japanese whiskeys. However, the first one remains Scottish. A small northern country produced on its territory a huge number of legendary beverages. One cannot get together his eyes and thoughts because of the great variety of whiskeys in Scotland; only small part of the best and the most recognized of them is represented in Ukraine in our boutique – these are Macallan, Highland Park, Glenrothes, Oshntoshn, Bowmore, Jura and many others.

Another example worth attention is our native Slavic “water of life”: Vodka. On our shelves you will find the highest quality and the most famous brands of this beverage.

Among famous Russian brands the first one is “Kaufman”, produced by Mark Kaufman, President of “Whitehall” Company, member of the Academy of Viniculture. Only natural ingredients are used for production of Vodka – grain of definite harvest is used for production of limited quantity of alcohol, which is than used for production of Vodka. Every stage of production is carried out under strict control.

Production of cognac and wines does not satisfy ambitions of French people. Nowadays French vodka is conquering the world. “Grey goose” vodka has been offered for sale. According to the rating of Chicago Beverage Testing Institute this vodka gained 96 points and took the leading position among vodkas of “premium” class for its quality.


We can enumerate for hours all the beverages, represented in our boutique. If we write several lines about each of them we will get a complete encyclopedia. So we simply invite you to visit our store and choose the beverage, which will give you unforgettable delight and pleasure.

In our store specially trained shop assistants
will help you to make choice.

You can also call for advice
and preliminary order 36–39–23


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