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In our gastronomy department you can find and buy not only Ukrainian and Russian products, but also Italian, German, French and Spanish dainties.


This dish embodies the Iberian Peninsula traditions, its gastronomic culture and ecology.

Gammon is one of the main dainties of Spanish cuisine, the leader among all the other meet products because of its perfect flavor, taste and other characteristics. In Spanish Gammon (Jamon) means ham. But its not an ordinary ham - its a unique dry-cured product. Gammon is a nutritive and healthy product; its almost free from cholesterol and can be stored for a long time. Pigs leg is salted and dry-cured in special strict conditions that lead to production of the best and world-known dainties.

Gammon is Iberian pigs leg. Spanish, being gourmets, made a real ceremony from Gammon consumption. Pigs leg is mounted on a special stand called jamonera. Than with short and long knives the meat is cut into thin slices with bits of fat on its sides. Red wine, olives and melon especially emphasize delicious taste of meat.

Gammon is a nice gift. Being a masterpiece of the worlds gastronomy, it emphasizes unique traits of the person to whom it is presented.  Gammon is a tasty, healthy product, a symbol of plenty and a decoration for any table.


Chorizo is a dry-cured pork sausage with paprika, garlic and spices. In the process of production it doesnt undergo heat treatment. Chorizo is dry-cured for 4-5 months in its fresh state in a pigs gut; thats why it preserves all nutrients and vitamins.


Salchichon is a dry-cured pork sausage with garlic and spices. Salchichon doesnt undergo heat treatment; it is dry-cured in its fresh state in a pigs gut. The sausage has nutritive characteristics and vitamins corresponding to those of natural meat.

The Mikoyan sausages

According to classic technologies dry-cured Mikoyan sausages are made from raw meat, kept in salting pork and beef, and fat raw meat fat pork, brisket pork and lard to give the sausage an individual pattern. Dry-cured sausages are produced with addition of natural species.

Cooked smoked Mikoyan sausages are made from extra-class and first-class beef, fatless, semi-fat and fat pork and lard according to classic technologies. Smoking with sawdust of the best wood species gives the products nice flavor. New compositions of tastes are achieved due to the use of original compositions of species.

The Mikoyan Sausage rolls and wieners are produced from pork and beef with addition of dried milk and enriched with soy protein. Presence of lard makes the products more soft, juicy and special thermal treatment gives them appetizing appearance and flavor of smoking.

Milano salami

Milano salami is pure (without mixture and additives) pork salami, special for its perfect chopped meat. After being salted for a long time, it obtains bright red color and delicate taste.

Napoli salami

Napoli salami is a pure (without mixture and additives) pork salami with spicy and a little flavor of smoke, special for presence of whole pepper seeds.

By far not every ham can be called Prochutto. For this one must learn a code of rules. Its two main conditions are: meat is ripening for a long time on the air, at that, the air must be Italian. In Italy the word proshutto often denotes any ham: proshutto cottosmoked meat, prepared from a pigs leg of average size with bone; proshutto Americano, proshutto arrosto is baked or fried meat. But all these things are only sorts and variants while genuine proshutto mustnt undergo any treatment except ripening.


At distant past times before the perestroika there was only one pate liver mash. It was sold by weigh and presented terrible deficit. Today there is huge variety of pates to indulge the consumers. In our store you can buy and enjoy such pates as: pate from turkey with apple, Campanar pork pate, pork pate with mushrooms, pork pate with herbs, mousse from goose liver, mousse from duck liver and others.

Also in our gastronomy department cheese fans will find plenty of different delicious products of both domestic and of foreign producers.

Galbani traditional Italian cheeses

Founded in 1882 Galbani Company is nowadays one of the leading companies on Italian food products market. It specializes in production and sale of cheese and smoked products, famous all over the world.

was already produced in Northern Italy in middle Ages.

This sort of cheese with blue mould is protected by a special quality mark, which guarantees traditional production and quality of cheese.

This cheese is one of the most famous and valued Italian cheeses in the world.

is a fresh light cheese, much resembling our cottage cheese. It is spicy and ideal for balanced diet. Ricotta Finetta cheese perfectly goes with bread, crackers, various snacks; it is also good as potato seasoning. You can eat this cheese with fresh vegetables and fruit, as the basis for fresh fruit desserts with addition of honey. Ricotta Finetta is used in many recipes for it gives the dishes traditional Italian flavor.

Grana-Padano is a solid ripe extruded and cooked Lombard cheese, the name of which is common to every Italian child. Grana (grano, literally grainy)-which now became common for all solid dry grating cheese, used by Italians to sprinkle their pizza, pasta and soups (quarter of the milk, produced in the country is used for production of such cheeses).

Parmegano Regiano cheese is real Parmesan cheese with thick and very hard rind. Its recipe is known for already 8 centuries. It has original sweet fruit taste.

Camamber cheese is a classic cheese with white rind on the outside and with nice delicate flavor. Its indispensable for those who like to enjoy the meal on the fresh air, having enriched it with delicious wine.

Soft Brie cheese with white mould rind is a delicious delicacy, which requires thorough selection of wine. Try it with marvelous dry red wine.

Goat cheese is used as an independent product in cold snacks, sandwiches, various delicacy dishes and as a dessert. Goat cheese is a delicious collation for aperitifs and other noble beverages.

Tête de Moine cheese is served in a definite form it is sliced in shape of rosettes. According to one version the cheese owes its name to the fact that before consumption its upper part has to be cut off to allow slicing small rosettes. The exterior of the cut off part resembles the head of monk (as a matter of fact in French Tête de Moine means head of monk). A clever craftsman invented a wonderful device called Girolle (in French fox) to make slicing of goffered flowers easier.

You will also find many other unique delicacy cheeses in our gastronomy department.

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