People to whom “SADY POBEDY” owes its existence

Boris Viktorovich Muzalev,
Project Manager of “SADY POBEDY”
Darya Muzaleva,
author of the idea, Chief Designer of luxury-gallery “SADY POBEDY”

Administration of TC “SADY POBEDY”

Oleg Vladimirovich Fedorenko,
Manager of luxury - gallery “SADY POBEDY”
Igor Vyacheslavovich Prokhorenko,
Deputy Manager of luxury - gallery “SADY POBEDY”

Aleksandr Valeryevich Sankov,
Director of restaurant “SADY POBEDY”
Galina Grigoryevna Andrus,
Head of production department of the restaurant “SADY POBEDY”
Oksana Aleksandrovna Sembrak,
Account Manager of the restaurant “SADY POBEDY”
Vladimir Vladimirovich Tokarchuk,
Manager of the restaurant “SADY POBEDY”

Oleg Vladimirovich Fedorenko, Director of the delicacy-market “COSMOS”
Dmirtiy Alexandrovich Kislov,
Manager of the delicacy-market “COSMOS”
Oleg Nikolayevich Kolos,
Sommelier of the delicacy-market “COSMOS”

Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Mikolyuk,
Art-Director of Concert-Hall “SADY POBEDY”
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