Climate control system

Every level has four combined extract-and-input systems produced by WOLF Company; they divide every level into four independent zones.

Before coming into the premises the outside air passes through highly efficient filters, which purify it.

To protect the halls from the noise, every system is equipped with acoustic absorber and waste heat exchanger, based on the principle of exchanging the incoming air (cold in winter, hot in summer) by the exhaust air (cold in summer, hot in winter).

The process when the exhaust air heats the incoming air is called recuperation. This technology is extremely popular in Europe, but in Ukraine it is quite uncommon.

To provide comfortable conditions in the trade center premises a combined scheme of heating and conditioning supply was adopted, which allows using for these purposes the same devices the funcoils DAIKIN and WOLF.

Depending on the season, water of different temperature is delivered to them: in summer the water is cold, in winter it is heated. The air passing through the waste heat exchanger of the funcoils is heated (in winter) or cooled (in summer).

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