Restaurant complex SADY POBEDY

Restaurant SADY POBEDY a favorite of stylish city public, is situated in the picturesque place of Arcadia April 10th square.

Place, where everything meets gastronomic pleasure, life simplicity and inevitability of meeting.

Stars shine for everybody; all the guests are stars.
Breakfast till evening. Lunch until the early hours.

Modern stories in glamorous sight from the fifth flour. Fashion is fickle. But it is the only thing that never comes out of fashion. An accidental meeting sometimes becomes the beginning of great friendship. Nevertheless youd better order tables beforehand.

This is a history about fashion, a story of nowadays, absolutely modern story.

It is not expressed by the presence of attributes, such as interior. Its a much more interesting story...

I want to see attractive and modern people here.

This place doesnt oblige to anything. Its a democratic cafe, where people feel free. They meet together, chat, hang out, its a king of a junction. A fashionable junction.




The central things in the interior are the Baxter sofas /king-queen/. Yet also there are chairs these are of different colors and sizes.

When coming up here the first thing you notice here its bright and freshly.
The light comes though the glass cupola, the freshness is created by the unique climatic system.

The main idea of the interiors author, Dariya Muzaleva, -
is thateveryone makes up his own story.

However, there are many gastronomic discoveries to be made.

Ordinary cuisine by Aleksey Pusik and Svetlana Puliko themselves is that ordinary.

Naturally, no one will ask you to solve culinary riddles, but sometimes theres no harm to think about it and.... make a mistake. Its not that bad when its so tasty! Nevertheless, theres a law in gastronomy saying that when the product is good and fresh and the cook is talented and alcoholed, even the most classical salad Caesar becomes a masterpiece.


The restaurant is looking forward to see the guests at breakfast, lunch, dinner by candlelight. The cook will certainly create some new dish in accordance with the season.

Summer patio with a separate bar, patio for relaxation and pre-party with glamorous sight on the city from the height deserves special attention.

Unlimited possibility in realization of corporate parties, parties for the high and mighties, family feasts.

Visiting this place brings a real pleasure to the connoisseurs.

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Odessa, April 10th Square
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