Interview with the chef

Svetlana Vladimirovna Puliko, the chef of the Restaurant Complex, shared the most appetizing details of the cuisine of the SADY POBEDY Restaurant Complex Gallery.

What of your cuisine foremost masterpieces you would like to recommend?

Every cuisine has something very special. For instance, the universally recognized masterpiece is, by no means, aromatic, juicy shashlik with the smell of smoke, prepared not on electric but on a genuine barbecue in our barbecue zone (Kaffkaz).

What would you suggest to a client, tired of winter depression and spring avitaminosis?

We can offer special summer menu. It includes light summer salads, cooling desserts, fruit-and-berry sorbets, fresheners, ice cream with fruit sauce. Our products are all of the best quality.

Maybe you have a pleasant surprise for fitness-menus fans?

Absolutely right! We have low-calorie salads, dressed with olive oil, salads with rukkola, prawns and many other things. They do not include mayonnaise and they are prepared right before serving, which makes them light, fresh and nice.

And how would you indulge real gourmets, those who prefer high class cuisine?

We have recently introduced new dish its rack of New Zealand lamb with mini-corn and mint saucewe always prepare the sauces ourselves. Natural dressings are provided by world best brands. Our herbs are also fresh. Lately we have received giant prawns. Naturally, we made a notice about this novelty on our stand Dish of the day, where we traditionally put all our new products.

What about the prices in the restaurants

Our prices not that expensive, on the other hand, the portions are big. For instance, a portion of salad will be about 250-300 grams, a shashlik includes 200 grams of meat, 100 grams of garnish and sauceIn other words, here you will always be given good quality food, VIP service and surprisingly pleasant bill.
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